Secrets Revealed about Acid Reflux in Babies

Acid reflux in babies Acidity is common not only to babies, but to adults as well. However, since babies really need proper attention, many parents panic upon knowing that their baby has an acid reflux. Acid reflux in babies is also known as gastroesophageal reflux. This is one of the main concerns of many parents. Most of them feel guilty whenever Acid reflux in babies exist. This is a condition in which stomach acid and food flow back to the throat and out of the mouth.

This usually happens throughout or after the baby’s meal since the abdomen is active and the acid content is higher. Sometimes, Acid reflux in babies happens when they cough or even cry. Oftentimes, this is evident when they suffer from frequent spitting or vomiting. Abdominal pain is one of its symptoms. They usually refuse to eat, so it leads to weight loss. Having a hoarse voice can also be observed. Most of the time, this Acid reflux in babies occurs due to lack of coordination in the gastrointestinal tract in the body. The baby’s digestive system is still immature that is why problems do happen to them. Acid reflux in babies takes place until their digestive system becomes mature.

Babies experience so much discomfort every time acid reflux happens to them. Babies do not talk to you of what they feel, so it is you who should be observant and sensitive enough to what is happening to them. One of the things that you will surely encounter when your baby experiences acid reflux is the difficulty in making the baby sleep. If this happens, elevate your baby’s mattress a little. That is one way of helping the baby. However, Acid reflux in babies does normally happen at the age of 6 to 12 months. If it is not that serious, there is no need for treatment. In case it does not disappear after that specific time frame, you have to search for immediate treatment to this to avoid any discomfort to the baby. There are some medications which parents can follow to treat such Acid reflux in babies depending on the advice of the doctor.

Though Acid reflux in babies is not that difficult to diagnose, there are times that some parents forget to consult a doctor. Remember that in any treatment, a specific diagnose should be made first before applying any medication to ensure that everything will be okay. To know whether Acid reflux in babies is mild or serious, you have to consult your doctor for some diagnoses. This includes lab test and close monitor to the baby.

When the doctor finds out that your baby has acid reflux, you will be advised whether the condition of your baby needs a particular treatment or not. Acid reflux in babies does disappear as they grow older but if it gets worse, a prescription will be given to you by your doctor. They may be antacids, acid blockers or acid suppressors. But bear in mind that any prescription should be discussed by the doctor to fully ensure that the baby will not be at risk. Any side effect that occurs to the baby during or after the treatment should be consulted to the doctor. Still, the baby’s safety is the most essential thing for parents.