Acid Reflux in Babies – Its Causes and Symptoms

More and more babies are suffering from acid reflux disease. This health condition occurs when stomach sends food or acid content back to the throat or into the mouth. Babies experiencing this acid reflux in babies are six months old or younger. Experts claim that this occurrence is normal for babies while they are developing or growing. However, if the acid reflux in babies gets worse, that is the time that you need to take your baby to your doctor.

Having enough knowledge about acid reflux in babies plays a vital role. Through adequate information, it would be easy for you to treat your baby. You can also easily recognize its different symptoms and other related details. Before knowing the different treatments for acid reflux in babies, you should know first how this condition exists.

There are several reasons as to why acid reflux in babies exists. If your baby is suffering from this condition, it means that the stomach content and acid content repeatedly flows back up into the esophagus. During this condition, a valve called LES opens to allow the food to pass through your baby’s stomach. Then, it closes once the food is already inside the stomach. Through this, the stomach acids and foods cannot escape. If the LES of your baby is weak or not functioning well, then both will escape and that is the reason why acid reflux in babies occurs.

To know if your baby is suffering from this condition, you should always be familiar with its different symptoms. At some time, babies experience some form of acid reflux. In fact, even adults experience this condition. If you are worried about the health status of your baby, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. For better understanding, here are the different symptoms of this acid reflux in babies:

• Constant vomiting
• Persistent Cough
• Heartburn, abdominal and gas pain
• Refusing to Feed

If you spotted these different symptoms of acid reflux in babies, you should not purchase any medicine without the doctor’s prescription. Call your family doctor as soon as possible. In treating this condition, you have two options to choose from. It can be either a professional care or home treatment. If you prefer to cure acid reflux in babies at home, the first thing you need to do is to keep feeding them as quiet and as calm as possible. See to it that you feed your baby free from any distraction or loud noise. Decreasing the feeding amount while increasing the feeding time will aid in easy digestion.

To treat the acid reflux in babies, always keep your baby upright during or after feeding. Babies that are below three months may also be treated if suffering from acid reflux. This can be done through changing formulas. Say for instance, if you are breastfeeding, you have to avoid preparing foods that can trigger acid reflux. The typical examples of these are highly processed foods, carbonated beverages, tomatoes and any foods that contain citrus juices.